17 April 2010

Xyngular Corporation - One of the Fastest-Growing New Direct Sales Nutritional Products Companies in the MLM Industry

PR Newswire
Xyngular, the new Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Direct Sales Company to hit the marketplace, reported record sales in March 2010 in only its fourth month in business. The buzz about Xyngular is spreading like a firestorm throughout the network marketing establishment. MLM Insiders say this company has all the ingredients to become a billion dollar global giant in the years ahead.

Launched in December 2009, Xyngular came out of the gate with a bang. With the potent combination of a game-changing compensation plan with zero structural qualifications for advancement, uniquely positioned products, and global marketing strategy, Xyngular is positioned to attract Industry leaders by the thousands.

Xyngular's product lines include: 1.) Xyngular Super Fruit Global Blend which has taken nutrient delivery to the next level with a combination of more than 20 powerful super fruits plus unique primary antioxidant precursors and herbal adaptogens, 2.) CORE4 - a highly effective weight loss line including LEAN, ACCELERATE, FLUSH, and CHEAT products, and 3.) Xyngular's newest product, XYNG, a high-energy, mood enhancement, appetite suppressing capsule the company believes will be the most exciting sampling product to hit the Direct Sales Industry in decades.


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