14 March 2010

Work-At-Home Mom Launches Photo Sharing Business

Lisa Kneller, a yoga teacher and marketing professional, is helping people learn how to share their digital photos in a creative and entrepreneurial way. Ms. Kneller is helping to launch a new business in Scottsdale, Arizona - LifeShare - a company that offers a way to create, customize, share, and mail photos using a computer and some creativity.

"This is something that I haven't seen before," said Kneller. "Other sites require you to pay for the card you just created, pay to have it shipped to you and then you have to address it, put a stamp on it and mail it out. LifeShare is unique in that they do the work for you. You design it, enter the address you want it sent to, they print it and mail it for you."

Kneller is an Independent Associate of the company which is currently in its pre-launch phase of business. Kneller will be utilizing the product personally and professionally and offers a business opportunity to those interested in pursuing another source of income. LifeShare is a Network Marketing company and Kneller is experienced in recruiting and training independent representatives.



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