15 December 2009

VoiParty Network – Get Paid When People Use the Phone

I think we can all agree that most new business opportunities, especially Pre Launch Network Marketing opportunities are worthless as the company or person promoting the business is selling a lot of hype and hysteria looking to sell you on their next big product launch. Then once they’ve got you hooked they hit you with all kinds of hidden fees and monthly recurring charges while continuing to lead you by the nose with hype and misdirection.

However, once in a while a really unique and dynamic Business Opportunity unexpectedly appears that rises above all the others. It is my pleasure to present what I believe to be one the most unique and lucrative home business opportunity‘s ever seen. Right now, this proprietary technology being offered by VoiParty is available during Pre Launch by Invitation Only to residents of the USA and Canada.

The founders of VoiParty have ingeniously developed proprietary software and hardware that taps into the existing multi-billion dollar a year telecommunications industry by providing termination of Long Distance Call services for far less cost than any other Interexchange Carrier currently in the telecommunications industry.



Blogger Barry Johnson said...

Hi Dave,

Long time no see (or chat)

I was curious to know if you had looked into ACN.

1/15/2010 09:18:00 PM  

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