10 April 2010

Danny Glover Joins EIRO Research

Broadcast Newsroom
EIRO Research, a Dallas-based nutritional company, announced today that world-renowned actor and humanitarian Danny Glover has joined the company. Perhaps best known for his role in the "Lethal Weapon" series, Glover's acting career has spanned three-decades, including roles in films such as "Predator 2," "The Color Purple" and more recently in the film "2012." Glover is the recipient of numerous awards, including the BET Lifetime Achievement Award, several Cable ACE Awards, a prestigious Independent Spirit Award and five Emmy nominations.

"EIRO's innovative nutritional products are second-to-none," said Glover. "I have been exposed to the network marketing industry before. However, I have never encountered a company like EIRO. EIRO's management team, products, and opportunity represent the best-of-the-best. This is a great home for me, and I am proud to build a team along with such a great brand."



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