04 April 2010

Club Sea Breeze Plans Launch April 5, 2010-Exciting Home Based Business Opportunity Promises to Deliver

1888 Press Release
Club Sea Breeze, also known as CSB, is an exciting new opportunity to the Home Business Industry, scheduled to launch April 5, 2010. CSB might be the new comer on the block, but the founders are not new to the industry. Businessman and CEO, Kelly Williams, co-founded Club Sea Breeze along with President and son, Jake Williams. Kelly Williams, besides owning successful businesses in the food and finance industry, has been a successful affiliate for various online companies.

Kelly's background, has educated him in the home business arena as to what works, and what doesn't work. This valuable knowledge has allowed Kelly and his family to create a one of a kind business opportunity that separates CSB from the pack. What makes CSB different? For starters, you have a family owned business, based out of Farmington, Utah, coupled with a compensation plan that nobody else has. You can easily get to know the family behind the business, unlike so many other online companies that keep you wondering, "Who is running this thing?".

One of the most exciting features with Club Sea Breeze is that it doesn't cost a fortune to join, making it reasonable for most people to join and get in on the fun.



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Hey Bro,

Added you to MLMURLS.com

Keep up the good work!

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