22 March 2010

ACN-Way Ahead of the Direct Sales Pack

1888 Press Release
ACN International Training Events are the talk of network marketing. The level of training, the quality of production, the excitement of the crowds-just can't be beat. San Jose, California on Feb. 19-21, 2010 was no exception. The HP Pavilion in San Jose was full to capacity and the audience enthusiasm attested to their approval of this growing network marketing company. Audience enthusiasm at direct sales events is often high, but the record crowd for ACN in California took it to a whole new level.

On Friday, the pavilion was already filled as training and recognition continued through the day on Saturday and Sunday morning. And then a personal appearance by Donald Trump had the crowd on their feet, with cheers and applause giving unsurpassed acknowledgment of this real estate mogul, author and world-renowned multi-billionaire who says he "loves ACN." As he stepped on the stage, Trump told the cheering crowds, "I have fallen in love with ACN!"
Donald Trump's acknowledgment and endorsement of the ACN opportunity and products is just part of the excitement. This company has tremendous credibility and high-end products that are cutting edge and unique. Donald Trump said in a behind the scenes interview, "It is important to have great products and ACN meets that all-important criteria for success."



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