10 April 2010

Follow up on Eiro Research

I don't usually offer much editorial on this page but this will be the exception.

I was shocked when I received the email announcing Danny Glover would be working with Eiro Research. Shocked because I thought that Eiro Research was presenting itself as a different approach to the typical networking business. I'll admit, having Glover as your centerpiece spokesman is certainly different. It will no doubt get many people talking about your company that might not otherwise care.

My question to the leadership at Eiro Research is why? Why Danny Glover?

I get why Glover would do it. Given that he has already pimped himself to the likes of Hugo Chavez and a rather unique global warming climate change stance, he may be seeking a more mainstream audience to convince us of his "moderate" views.

Network Marketing has always stood as an example of how free enterprise can work effectively for anyone seeking an opportunity to rise through honest effort. Unfortunately, there have been many bad actors in the business that have misled people through deceit. It is unfortunate that these cases have created a new marketing niche for new companies to hype themselves as being a different kind of biz.

In the case of Eiro Research, though initially advertised as being something unique in the networking business, I am disappointed to report that they too are plagued by the same shortcomings as many other companies we have seen fade into the background. If Eiro Research wants us to believe that they share the same values that Danny Glover has placed on public display, those that believe in freedom, individuality, and truth in advertising may want to think twice about joining Eiro Research.


Blogger Karen said...

The reason for failure in network marketing for some people is that they do not know the strategies of marketing.

4/12/2010 02:47:00 AM  

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