07 December 2007

Herbalife, Ltd - company’s ROE of 52% stomps the industry’s 11%

VitalStocks New Blog:
"Herbalife, Ltd. offers a dividend yield of roughly 2%, which stands above the industry average. The company’s ROE of 52% stomps the industry’s 11%. In early November, the company posted third-quarter earnings per share of 67 cents, topping last year’s 51 cents and eclipsing the consensus estimate by nearly 5%. HLF raised its full year 2007 earnings per share guidance to a range of $2.62 to $2.64 and issued guidance for the fourth quarter in the range of 72 cents to 74 cents. Analysts responded with increased forecasts.

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Herbalife, Ltd. is a global network marketing company that sells weight-management, nutrition and personal care products intended to support a healthy lifestyle. The company’s products are sold in 65 countries through a network of more than 1.6 million independent distributors."



Blogger mary said...

Hello, This is Mary

I am 36 years old with 2 toddlers. My youngest just started day care last week- which still feels a little strange. I haven't had this much time to myself in years. First thing I want to do is lose the extra pounds I put on during the last pregnancy. One of the girls next door has suggested I join her walking group two days a week. After my first pregnancy I lost around 35 pounds using the Herbalife products, but when I called the man that sold them to me three years ago he told me this week he doesn't sell them anymore. He told me to look on the internet. It's disappointing because he was really nice and he called me regularly to make sure I was using their products correctly. It was nice to have someone checking in with me every week to see how I was and it kept me motivated.

I searched on the internet for someone that sells Herbalife in New Jersey. I found many websites but I don't want
just to buy the products, I want to find someone trustworthy that sells the products so I can also meet them and get started again.

Could anybody here recommend someone in New Brunswick?

Thanks, Mary

12/24/2007 09:03:00 AM  
Blogger liz said...

Hi Mary,

From one mom to another I think I have a solution for you!! I want to lose 40 pounds, and I've lost 28 so far!!! I am feeling fantastic and have more energy

than I did when I was in college. I went through three different Herbalife distributors until I found the person I felt really actually cared about me and helped

me to start getting results. The bottom line was that I wanted to find somebody that could offer me good prices, but that could also check in with me to

make sure I was doing ok.

I used to drive two hours to meet with my first distributor in West Haven, Connecticut. I even brought the girls with me a few times because I couldn't find

a babysitter. Today my Herbalife coach does everything over the phone and it is much easier with my busy schedule. You can order Herbalife online on

his website, you get the shakes a few days after with FedEx and then you can setup a telephone meeting once a week to make sure you are doing the

program right.

His name is Danny Castello and his website is www.goshape.com. The number is (310) 928- 3835. He and his

girlfriend Michaela actually do most of the coaching together as a team, but she has an Herbalife site as well:www.puresteps.com. He does most of the motivation on the call and gives you important facts regarding nutrition.

He can be a bit tough but he really wants you to get results. She is a bit softer- so they make a good combination. Actually I also recommend joining his

newsletter first so you can see the articles on nutrition. They also have videos so you can see who they are before actually calling them. Its nice because

they actually use the products too. You can see on their websites.

Hope this helps!


12/25/2007 05:07:00 AM  

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