07 December 2007

Young Company Focus: Aihu

Direct Selling News:
"Ann Walker knows more than a thing or two about stress; during her 31 years as an occupational therapist-and her years working with burn patients, the mentally ill, and the chronically fatigued-she saw a need for relief and she has worked tirelessly to fill it. Her patients seemed to echo the same sentiment time and time again: 'I'm burning the candle at both ends. I'm trying to carry on a household; I'm trying to be a wife, a mother. I'm trying to carry on a career, and I'm exhausted.' Ann answered their pleas for help when she began to develop Aihu's (pronounced 'eye-who') anti-stress line of products almost four years ago. From skin care to aromatherapy, the perpetually stressed now have realistic and workable solutions to deal with life's challenges."



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