06 December 2007

GNC Franchising Expected to Grow Through 2008

Not a pure Network Marketing post but I thought it worth noting. This helps to validate that the supplement industry continues to be a tremendous growth trend. GNC to add 100 stores in 2008 alone!

This is why so many companies market nutritional supplements and why we have still NOT yet hit our peak.

PR Newswire:
"For most people, the new year means a new resolution or two. For GNC, it means more new stores. Annual growth in the supplement industry is expected to rise steadily through 2012, according to the Nutrition Business Journal, making now the perfect time for GNC to once again expand its store base and overall business: The company estimates more than 100 new stores will open within the year, with special emphasis on franchising opportunities. An Ipsos-Public Affairs survey, funded by the Council for Responsible Nutrition and co-sponsored by GNC, showed that 65 percent of adult Americans consistently take dietary supplements. The growing industry is a result of the aging baby boomer population, which makes up approximately 50 percent of the total U.S. population, and growing health concerns. As more people become more conscious of health conditions in general, they become more proactive in preventive care. In short, more people are seeking out healthier lifestyles."



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