05 December 2007

Cognigen Networks Completes Acquisition of Commission River, Inc.

CNN Money:
"Cognigen Networks, Inc. , an Internet-enabled marketer of communications services and technology solutions, announced today the completion and signing of an Asset Purchase Agreement to acquire substantially all of the assets of Commission River, Inc.

Cognigen acquired the Commission River assets in exchange for 16,000,000 shares of Cognigen's common stock. Commission River's current managers, Adam Edwards and Patrick Oborn, have joined Cognigen's executive team and will direct affiliate marketing-related activities for Cognigen and Commission River.

Cognigen's CEO, Bob Bench, stated, 'We believe this is a great event for Cognigen's agent network, shareholders, and product vendors. The combination of Cognigen's affiliate marketing agent base with Commission River's affiliate marketing technology and programs will arm our agents with the tools, training, and support they need to grow their businesses. We believe the thousands of agents who have signed up for our affiliate marketing program will now receive immediate attention and support from a team of experienced, professional Internet marketers. This also gives us a platform on which to add new products and deliver a stream of marketing tools.'"



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