07 December 2007

Hawaiian Noni Juice Products Or Tahitian Noni

Hawaii Diving Guide:
"Many people claim that Tahitian Noni Juice is better than Hawaiian Noni Juice Products and vice versa. This, however, is simply not the case. Noni, no matter where it grows, whether it be Tahiti, Hawaii, Samoa, India, Maylasia, or any number of small tropical islands is Noni. The juice made from this magical fruit has the same wonderful properties no matter where it comes from.

A History of Hawaiian Noni Juice Products

The Hawaiian Islands were formed as a populated nation when Hawai’i Loa led his people there with some pretty important ingredients for building a home in a new world. They took with them the Canoe Plants, twenty seven species that they thought would be essential in their new home. "


Anonymous Synaura said...

Not all food supplement have the same level of quality, some are just synthetic, artificial fillers. Be cautious especially if the price is cheap for it may compromise your health.

11/30/2009 09:26:00 PM  

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