15 September 2005

Some Will and Some Won't

S o, you joined a networking company and didn't meet with expected success? Have you been confronted by critics of the business concept with words like "scam", "pyramid", "ponzi scheme"? Some have become disgruntled because "the business didn't work for them". No kidding. This is not exclusive to network marketing organizations. Yes, some companies may have a better core structure than others and yes, some companies have a better record of successful business development. The bottom line, in ANY business, there must be people that will participate in a successful endeavor. Those that will be the clients and those that will do the work to gain the clients.

Here's a snip from a post at MLM Blog that touches on a fundamental element that is a stumbling block for some with an history involved in NM.

Pretend Network Marketing
Network Marketing is not a viable business opportunity for the average person.

Why? Probably two reasons.

1. The average person is not willing to put forth the effort it takes to be an entrepreneur.
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