09 September 2005

Visualize Success

F ellow blogger and friend, Dale Moore at Modern Networking has been posting a series of articles called, "Power of Pictures". Here's a clip from the first in the series (he has four installments so far).

"I'm going to start this post by saying that the subject I want to touch on will need several posts to make it more reader friendly. I want to go back to an earlier post where I talked about the "vision thing". I am going to talk about the process more in depth and how I've made it work for me and hopefully make it usable for others."


Be sure to visit Dale's page and read his other posts. Great stuff.


Blogger Gina said...

Hello Dale,
I have been searching the web on visualizing my goals. This is a new concept for me so I'm stepping out of my comfort zone trying to learn how to apply it to my goals and dreams (business and personal). In developing my business I am also learning about networking and developing my blog.

Last summer I attended a conference in LA for "Women In Technology"
(WITI). While there, I had the awesome opportunity to
meet Marcia Wieder.

She and I spoke about overcoming fears to achieve our dreams.
Although my time with her was brief, I learned from "America's Dream Coach" about
the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone.
At that time I really did not know who this precious woman was
but later learned she had been on Oprah and PBS-TV.

Marcia's brief touch on my life made a great impact on me. Recently I
discovered her blog at http://www.dreamcoachdirect.com/ and
a Maui Dream Retreat she is giving away!!! I would LOVE to be able to
win that trip!!

I thought you and your readers might also be interested.

Thank you again for sharing and I'll be back to visit your site!!!

May all of our dreams come true!!


4/19/2006 11:07:00 AM  

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