24 August 2005

Network Marketing 101 - Getting Started

Sorry this is late in posting. Here are some basic ideas for getting started. I have pulled some of these thoughts from my other pages and added some others I have recently some to accept and understand about what I was lacking in my experience. Some of these ideas are very common and probably familiar if you have been around NM for any period of time.

Develop & define your initial goals
What do you plan to achieve and what are your reasons for starting your business?
What are your passions?
Your dreams?
It is important to have these clearly defined as you begin this process.

Review all available materials in your start-up packet.
Read all the printed material from the free downloads. This includes the Business Compendium, Product information, etc. Listen to all audio available and any presentation material available as well.

Find a mentor / coach
This could be someone who has experience in the business and should be someone whose opinion you trust and have confidence. It can be a family member, your upline sponsor, or even a small business owner or other business professional in your area.

Develop a game plan
This is part two of the goal setting process. In developing your game plan, it will be important for you to consider how your business will be structured and where you activity will be primarily focused. Will you be more focused on building a retail client base or will you mix the retail and team-building activities? You will need to consider a budget, both in terms of time and money, that you will allocate for expanding your business. What standard business materials will you need, such as letterhead, business cards, advertising materials, etc. How much time will you devote to building your enterprise? The key word here is consistency.

Make a names list
We have heard so much about this but it's importance can't be emphasized enough. Think about the people you know and with whom you have a personal relationship. Think about those you know through casual acquaintance and those you know through professional / business associations.

Assess your skills
Use your current skill set to move your business forward while you are developing and increasing your comfort and knowledge. Your mentor / coach may have some ideas to help you.

Put your plan into action and do the work
For everything, there is a beginning. Create your own momentum and build upon it. Check your growth against your goals on a regular basis. Seek additional resources and support when needed.

If you have been involved in another business enterprise, and especially if your experience had been less than favorable, release the negative memory from your mind. That was then, this is now. Situations and conditions from the past have little, if any, relevance in how you will conduct your business today. Too often, we allow our lack of success in our previous experiences to establish a pre-condition in our current enterprise and we tend to be closed down to new ideas.

Jim Rohn offers a method to achieving success:

"A few simple disciplines, practiced everyday."



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