16 July 2005

Network Marketing Today:
Seek alternatives

I just recently purchased a copy of Kim Klaver's book, "If My Product's So Great, How Come I Can't Sell It?". I have read about 60 pages so far and should finish by the end of the weekend. I cannot yet offer a complete review of this material but I must say that it has already begun to change the way I look at my business. I have either read or listened to other selections in Kim's training library. If you are seeking an alternative to the same old tired approaches or scripts or systems that account for the unacceptable failure rate in the business, by all means check out Kim Klaver's work.

We all started in this business because we were seeking some more than what we had. More time with our family, more money to save or start a college fund or our retirement (or just to pay our bills). We were seeking an alternative to the servitude of working for someone else. We were seeking to provide more value to our community, to the market at large. We were seeking to improve the quality and direction of our life.

There is no magic formula to being successful in this, or any other, business or career. What I think Kim consistently presents so effectively is that a more honest, common sense approach will net much more positive results. One of the things that I have enjoyed in her work is this - she conveys the simplicity of this business, she presents the facts honestly, identifies the negative elements, outlines a common sense alternative, and doesn't pump sunshine as a solution.

Kim routinely offers training through various outlets and maintains a great blog and web site. Have a look sometime and see for yourself.


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