06 July 2005

Network Marketing Today:
Specific Intent

I wanted to title this post, "Goals - Don't live life without them".

Whether you are or will ever be involved in Network Marketing, whether you and I will ever have the opportunity to work on a business project together, or whether you'll ever finish all those tasks on your "honey-do" list; you will have to accept the responsibility of setting some goals. You cannot live your life without goals. This is true whether you chose them consciously or subconsciously. When you make yourself a sandwich, you are fulfilling the goal of sustaining your existence. You may not deliberately select the goal of feeding yourself but the process by which you acquire the skills and resources to prepare a meal is the end result of many cooperative and corresponding goals.

Setting goals is primarily a volitional act. It assumes one had the cognitive ability to form and understand complex concepts and abstractions. The goal setting activity presupposes that one is seeking some level of improvement in the condition or circumstance of their life. It further suggests that the goal-setter deems themselves worthy of achieving the desired object and have the essential capabilities to accomplish it. So what happens? Why does it seem that people experience a "disconnect" from their stated goals and their success?

I think part of it, perhaps a major part, has to do with the lack of specific intent. At times, we may negotiate with ourselves over the commitment we need to have to reach our fullest potential. We may choose partners in our business that do not share a similar dedication. As we grow toward our objectives, we can diminish our most productive energies by not allocating our time effectively. We find ourselves trying to help everyone and lose much of the energy we need to make substantial inroads.

Be specific in your goals. Define them so clearly that you can see them in your mind's eye. Be specific in your actions. Each step you take should be a step forward. Measure the results to best gauge your progress. Be specific in your expectations and your responsibilities.


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