02 July 2005

Network Marketing Today:
The Basis

What is Network Marketing? This from Wikipedia:
Multi-level marketing (MLM) (also called network marketing (NM) or matrix marketing) is a business model which utilizes a combination of direct marketing and franchising. Typically, independent business owners (IBOs) become associated with a parent company in a contractor-like relationship. IBOs receive remuneration for shopping within their own business, for selling products and for expanding their network of people ("downline") doing the same. An IBO receives a percentage of the profits generated by the network of all IBOs introduced to the system by him or her, and also of the profits generated by the people introduced by those IBOs, and so on. A points system, where the points represent the volume of products sold through the IBO network, tracks rewards.
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Network Marketing presents an opportunity to enter business ownership, to sow your entrepreneurial "wild-oats", to seek and achieve your independence from traditional employment. Make no mistake, Network Marketing is a business, a huge business. When pursued correctly, by that I mean, with honorable intention and ethical conduct, a career in networking can be extremely rewarding. In terms of both financial benefits but also in your own personal development.

Your Network Marketing business will cause you to stretch, to acquire and expand your skills and talents. Your paradigm will be challenged and you will, through time, learn to develop new disciplines that will serve you in other aspects of your life. You will likely grow into a more actualized leader and mentor.


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