13 July 2005

Network Marketing Today:
Take the lead

Now you could read this headline one of two ways, I suppose. Does Stone mean that one should step up and take a leadership role in the growth and development of your business? -OR- Is this a goofy way to discuss the importance of using leads in building your business?

Guess what - I mean both.

I currently find myself involved with an organization whose participants have very little experience in using leads. I admit that my experience is also somewhat limited. For the past couple of months I have put myself on a crash course of learning about the leads business. I have chosen for my personal mission to bring more acceptance of using leads, for my personal business and those I am working with now.

I am hosting a presentation soon that will be the start of the education process for those wishing to see their business expand. It's nothing groundbreaking but it is my commitment to working with those that want a partner to assist with the process. I find, in my organization, that the single biggest reason why people are not using leads is FEAR. There is fear of being rejected, fear of not knowing what to say and how to respond to questions, and even fear of the next step in the process.

If you find yourself in a somewhat similar situation, I suggest that you must grab hold of your belt loops, talk to some of your stronger members of your organization, and schedule time to do some 3-way lead calls. Take the lead and take some leads. Invite your teammates to listen while you make the calls. After a few calls, talk about how the calls went and encourage feedback from those you are training.

Even if you don't have much confidence, if your team sees you stepping out and jumping into the fray, they will gain in their own belief that they too can make these calls.

Has anyone had this type of approach or experience? How did it work for you? Inquiring minds, ya know?


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