09 July 2005

Network Marketing Today:

Scott Adams of MLM-Lead-Success wrote this excellent essay in which he defines his approach when calling leads.
Dear Entrepreneur,

Do you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Does the rest of the day just follow suit? Have you ever thought that your attitude towards the day might just be coming back to you through misfortunes and bad things through out the day?

Well it happens and it is called KARMA.

KARMA is defined as if you put a negative out there it will come back to you in the form of another negative. So you could say you get back what you put out there.

So lets relate that to your calling of leads.

If you put out a negative presentation you get back a negative result commonly phrased as "I am not interested"”, "“Is this a pyramid scheme"”, "“Is this MLM"”, or "“does this cost anything"”. So how do you create a positive presentation in order to get back a positive result?

Let call the process of creating an effective phone presentation the K.A.R.M.A. of Phone Presentations.
Read more.

If you are just entering the world of business development through the use of leads, be sure to read Scott's article. It will save you mucho frustration and will allow you to embrace the process with more enjoyment and productivity.


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