11 July 2005

Network Marketing Today:
Channel the negative effects

To piggyback on the last post:

As networkers, we will encounter more than our share of resistance, more than our share of negativity, and certainly more than our share of rejection. One of the biggest challenges we face is how we respond in situations that can reach deep into our psyche. A previous negative experience by a prospect can seem to be an insurmountable barrier to cross.

For the professional networker, we have, no doubt, had many negative experiences ourselves. This could be our most valuable asset when we present our opportunity. Our experiences should allow us to have greater empathy for others that have encountered difficulty in their Network Marketing past.

If we can tap into our memory without letting it drain our energy, connect with our prospect through common experience, and offer a solution to allow them to overcome their disappointment - I believe we can give people renewed hope.


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