17 July 2005

Network Marketing Today:

Have you set your goals yet? I mean, seriously and explicitly defined very specific goals and objectives with a date of achievement? Here is a clip from an article that appears at myGoals.com about goal setting.

Serious Goals for the Serial Entrepreneur
It is the entrepreneur's cliche' cash-out: idling away lazy afternoons on a white-sand, tropical beach. Success certainly affords, among other things, an excuse to relax and enjoy the fruits of one's labor.

But as many dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneurs have discovered, there is only so much time you can spend fly fishing or lounging in a hammock before the urge to do something new starts gnawing deep down. Soon enough, everything around you suggests a new or overlooked opportunity. Every cocktail napkin becomes a sketchpad or whiteboard. Or that great idea, long stowed away, keeps you awake late at night.

Indeed, success also provides resources, credibility, experience and - —most of all - —the confidence to attempt things. The only thing harder for an entrepreneur to pass up than a good idea is that same idea coupled with the knowledge that "I'm good at doing this sort of thing."

Entrepreneurs therefore need no prodding or motivation to get up and try something new. It just happens. They can't help it. Read the rest of the article.

Of the many goals that I have set for myself, one that I have borrowed from Jeffrey Combs....
...............to become psychologically unemployable.


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