22 July 2005

Network Marketing Today:

I find myself at a crossroads in my business growth and development. Lately, I have been looking into a few different coaching/mentoring programs. There are certainly many to choose from and I would caution one to consider the scope of the training in conjunction with the desired results.

I have tried a couple of the "free" sample sessions in my research thus far. In the absence of an experienced, objective mentor; I think a professional coach may help one advance their business dramatically.

Be forewarned. You will likely hear things that ruffle your feathers. You may be faced with dealing with issues, deep psychological issues, that have been your obstacles in achieving success.

I heard a statement in a session last night that I had not heard before.

"Your money zone is in direct proportion to your comfort zone."

If you are not prepared to have your comfort zone challenged; if you are not prepared to stretch; if you are not prepared to confront internal programming - professional coaching may not be the best use of your money. But - if you believe that you are the leader that people are looking for, that YOU are looking for, and that you are worthy of a level of success greater than you presently enjoy; you may want to consider it.


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