28 August 2005

True value

Those of us that are in the business no doubt have a strong belief in our products, services, or program we represent. When we started our enterprise, we began the process of learning all the specific details of each. We studied the compensation plan to make certain that we could answer each and every possible objection that may be thrown at us. We dug through the company literature to gain greater understanding of the potential features and benefits of our product / service. We may have found ourselves developing and practicing our "pitch" with our team leaders. We may have invested in audio products to assist with smoothing out the rough edges of our presentation.

I certainly did.

With all that said, I contend that people will not join your business primarily based on your great product, your wonderful service, or your lucrative pay plan. With all the varied programs and products available, what is the largest deciding factor that prompt people to join your business?


Your business will attract more people and you will build a large, successful business when you become the leader that people are looking for. You are the difference maker. People will sense your confidence level through the way you project yourself - both consciously and subconsciously. People want to join a team that conveys they are going somewhere. It has far more to do with your vision than it does with your skills.

In a discussion about cold market leads, if a person asks you this question,
"...why should I sign up in your company?"

My answer, "first of all, you shouldn't sign up unless you are committed to your success. But, you can sign up in any company you wish. The difference will be that if you sign up somewhere else, you won't have me."

Sound arrogant? For some I suppose it does but I have come to realize that I will choose the people to join my enterprise, I choose how to spend my time to the best productive benefit, and I possess unique value for those I work with. In the final analysis, I may be marketing a product or service or pay plan but what I am truly marketing is me.


Blogger Dale Moore said...

Amen! The choice is ours and it isn't arrogant. It is a level of belief that once attained will serve our businesses and those we mentor well.

9/01/2005 10:05:00 PM  

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