16 April 2008

IBOAI Board of Directors Calls MonaVie Initiative a Publicity Stunt

Business Wire
The Board of Directors of the Independent Business Owners Association International (http://www.iboai.com), the primary advocacy organization representing hundreds of thousands of independent business owners (IBOs) powered by Quixtar/Amway Global (http://www.quixtar.com), today issued this statement in response to an initiative announced by MonaVie, a direct selling organization that competes with Quixtar/Amway Global.

“The so-called ‘Global Free Agent Initiative’ announced by MonaVie on April 2 is, we believe, nothing more than a publicity stunt, as they cannot actually expect to overturn scores of Court rulings that support the concept of short-term non-compete agreements for independent contractors. Independent contractors in direct-selling organizations such as Quixtar/Amway Global possess unique knowledge and networks that they have built with the extensive support of their parent organization. The parent organization, and other independent contractors who do not wish to change their affiliation, deserve a degree of protection when any individual wishes to resign or is terminated from his business.

“There is also no coincidence in the timing of MonaVie’s announcement, coming on the heels of their being joined, with great fanfare, by terminated Quixtar/Amway Global distributor Orrin Woodward. Woodward, along with certain associates, is already the focus of a lawsuit alleging that he has encouraged thousands of independent contractors to violate their non-compete agreements in order to join with him at MonaVie and in his other business enterprises. MonaVie is also the target of a similar complaint. Starting with the day of his termination, Woodward has orchestrated an Internet-centered propaganda campaign which has hurt those to whom he was previously loyal, including thousands of Quixtar/Amway Global independent business owners.

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