13 April 2008

Cutting Edge Media Provides a New Low-Cost Way to Advertise Home Businesses

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Leading home-business publisher Cutting Edge Media recently released its newest magazine, a home business digest entitled Your Home Biz. The pocket-sized guide, a first in the industry, is designed as a direct mail piece that will reach home business prospects across the United State---and provide an inexpensive way for network marketers and direct sellers to advertise their opportunities.

"Your Home Biz is specifically designed to put home-business opportunities front and center," says Bridey Orth, Director of Communications. "We share profitable home businesses with our readers and give our advertisers additional exposure for their opportunities. We're matching supply with demand---and it's incredibly effective."

In addition to being effective, YHB advertising is a low-cost option for any home-business marketer. Because of its small dimensions, Your Home Biz is inserted and mailed with CEM's already-popular CEO Card Deck, creating postage savings that's passed on to its advertisers.

"Our advertisers get to reach 150,000 qualified prospects for about two cents a piece," explains Josh Binkley, Print Media Consultant. "That's a much lower cost-per-thousand than any other advertising opportunity with this kind of circulation."


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