09 April 2008

Thoughts on MLM, Network Marketing, etc.

The Entrepreneur’s Journal
Things I like about network marketing and MLMs are that you can do so many different things to market yourself, your website, your products, etc. Most MLMs are online now and they will give you your own website to market your products. This is great because you can use things like Google, making Youtube videos, MySpace, Facebook, etc. (ALL FREE) to drive traffic to your website. Hopefully the increased traffic turns into great leads for your MLM or sales for your product. The reason I like MLM is that it truly is a fantastic business model for those who do well to earn substantial residual (constant streaming) income.

I feel that the key to becoming successful in MLM is to truly put a ton of effort into it. I am a salesman by day and I feel that if you’re constantly out there in front of your potential customers, you’ll be able to make sales (granted you’re not selling a crappy product/service). If you are to join a MLM company towards the beginning of it’s inception and truly put 100% effort into growing your business by marketing and recruiting, you can earn that income stream that you desire.


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