19 February 2008

Quixtar.com Details Fiscal 2007 Sales

Michigan Technology News
Quixtar.Com on Friday finally released more details for its fiscal 2007 sales - $1.072 billion, down from $1.12 billion in fiscal 2006. The Alticor eCommerce web site cracked the billion-dollar sales mark for the fifth year in a row. No net income figures were reported.

Results were affected minimally by actions the company took to terminate the business of a few Independent Business Owners in August of 2007 after they refused to change unacceptable practices.

Quixtar.Com doesn’t sell directly to consumers, rather through a multi-level marketing sales system. The middle men are called Independent Business Owners. The commissions earned by the IBO’s totaled $363 million, which also included $70.1 million in sales at Quixtar’s Partner stores.
Since 1999, IBOs have earned nearly $2.6 billion based on total Quixtar sales of more than $7.86 billion and Partner Store sales of more than $577 million.

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