12 February 2008

America’s Impending Recession Is Good News For MLM

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"When you go back in history, it is when there was a recession when some people got rich! This is the beginning of 2008, and after President George W Bush’s speech, markets are jittery due to fears of a recession in the US economy. America’s impending recession, however, brings that window of opportunity, yet again, for the American people - and thanks to the global village that this planet has become - for people around the world to cash-in on America’s sagging economy. And please don’t get the wrong end of the stick, I’m not rejoicing over this, in this article my intention is to state the obvious and to guide you as regards where, when and how to step-in-to-cash-in on a recession. My timing couldn’t have been better.

The United States’ Recession of 1937 -38 was a sharp economic downturn. In two months, unemployment rose from 5 million to over 9 million, reaching almost 12 million in early 1938. As unemployment rose, consumers’ expenditures declined, leading to further cutbacks in production."


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