09 February 2008

International Expert Stephen Cherniske to Speak About Health, Aging and Wellness

StreetInsider.com :
"Stephen Cherniske, an internationally renowned biochemist, best-selling author of 'The Metabolic Plan' and an expert on healthy aging and wellness, will be addressing the topics of health, aging, wellness and health supplements at a Free Seminar in Toronto on Thursday, February 28th. As Chief Scientific Officer of Univera, a nutraceutical company that combines cutting edge technology with the healing powers of mother nature, Stephen Cherniske has helped create a line of natural, plant based products that can help people feel, look and perform better at every age.

Many Canadians recognize the need to supplement their diet, with a 2005 Health Canada poll revealing that 71% of Canadians have used alternative health products like herbal remedies, Echinacea and vitamins. However, the challenge with many of these 'natural' products is that not only is their effectiveness often unproven by solid scientific research, but with over 40,000 such products marketed in Canada, the world of alternative supplements is a minefield of bewildering options."



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