16 February 2008

Court Rules That SISEL Can Recruit Neways' Distributors

Business Wire:
In May 2007, in an effort to prevent SISEL International (SISEL) from recruiting Neways distributors and from otherwise fairly competing in Japan, Neways filed a lawsuit against SISEL and some of its Japanese distributors. Yesterday, the United States District Court in Utah refused to grant Neways’ request for an order prohibiting SISEL from recruiting Neways distributors in Japan. In denying Neways’ motion for a preliminary injunction that sought to bar SISEL from recruiting Neways distributors, the court stated that there was no basis for any such restraint against SISEL. As a result of the ruling, SISEL intends to continue to promote its products and to invite anyone interested to become a SISEL distributor, including Neways’ distributors."

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