12 February 2008

Phoenix Suns deal with Verve puts team in distributor role

The Business Journal of Phoenix:
"On its surface, the Phoenix Suns new partnership with the high-octane Verve energy drink looks like any other NBA deal, including the sponsorship of a swanky arena club and prerequisite signage. But that's where the similarity ends, because the deal also calls for the Suns to become a distributor of Verve and take a cut for every can sold.

It's the first arrangement of its type in the NBA and one that could potentially alter terms of future sponsorship deals throughout all sports leagues.

'The deal completely aligns our marketing assets with their desire to sell product,' said Suns President Rick Welts. 'And because Verve is distributed online as opposed to retail, there is real measurement opportunity. If we can drive someone to a Web site and they buy the product, we get credit.'"



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