03 January 2008

5 linx - A Great Year Ahead!

5Linx Telecommunications Go MLM!:
"2007 was a very busy year for 5LINX. The company has grown tremendously. We have grown from 34 employees to 115, and counting! We moved into our new corporate headquarters, which many of you came to visit in early December; we had a great time sharing our grand opening with all of you who visited.

We had some high hurdles to clear in 2007, thank you all for your collective patience and constructive comments as we geared up to support a much larger organization. Your comments and loyalty to the organization have helped us get better and stronger as we enter a new year with lots of great opportunity. I am very proud of the management team we have added in the latter half of 2007; this talented group of individuals will dramatically affect how well we handle the growth of our mutual business. We have already seen tremendous improvements in call hold times, porting, and technical support."



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