21 December 2007

This Is Not Your Father’s Home Based Business

Change Your Body, Change Your Life:
"When we began paying commissions on sales of Beachbody products to our customers, with an incentive for them to bring in additional reps to spread the word, the only customer complaints pertained to the seedy reputation of other multi-level marketers as a “pyramid scheme”.

That reputation is largely due to the millions of families who are still stuck with inventory of soap, pills, and water filters from business ventures of the past, and the pressure to effectively become the sales manager to your own friends and family members.

After just six months of operation, I can proudly say, we are none of any of that. We are promoters of health and fitness. And for the people who get in and get active with Million Dollar Body, the opportunity is anything but “traditional” network marketing, but with every bit of potential for financial reward."



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