07 December 2007

Jimi Hendrix Liquid Experience Launches at Costco

Only slightly off topic with this post - with all the companies that offer some form of energy drink, will this be a viable contender for your customers?

BevNET.com :
"The Jimi Hendrix Liquid Experience Energy Drink launched it’s Northern California campaign at Costco all through November and wasted no time in becoming among the top three sellers during the same time period. In fact, Costco corporate buyers were elated that The Jimi Hendrix Liquid Experience and first flavor Voodoo Vibe set opening sales records as one of the best launches in energy drink history at Costco. Already touted as one of the best new tasting energy drinks, Liquid Experience continues to take the country by storm. With out of the gate amazing sell-through, distributors, retailers and member-based Costco are ecstatic by the beverage’s early and now sustained performance."



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