09 December 2007

Fanista.com releases new Cosmic Osmo game from Cyan Worlds

A E Interactive:
"Fanista.com, which marked its public debut on November 20th, today announced the release of an exclusive video game from

Cyan Worlds, the makers of Myst and Riven, two of the best-selling computer games in history. Fanista.com is a community-powered marketplace for entertainment enthusiasts that offers a whole new way to discover and shop for music, movies, games and books. Cyan Worlds’ latest game, Cosmic Osmo’s Hex Isle, will be sold exclusively on Fanista.com. The first Cosmic Osmo game was released in 1989 and was named best computer game of 1989 by Newsweek. Cyan went on to create and produce Myst, which not only became the best-selling CD-ROM game of the last millennium but also became the title which demonstrated what the interactive gaming platform was capable of delivering to its audience. After all these years, Cyan Worlds decided it was time to revisit their first character, Cosmic Osmo, and to leverage the technology now available to fully realize their vision from nearly two decades ago. Cosmic Osmo was a big hit when first created, and the character has remained a favorite among a loyal fan base."



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