27 October 2007

An Honest Look At My First Year With YTB

YTB Travel Blog:
"This week marks one of the most important milestones in my life. This week was the one-year anniversary of my entry into both the network marketing industry and YTB. Typically, “milestones” include graduation from high school, college, in my case, law school, my upcoming marriage and, one day, the birth of my children. You’re probably wondering why I hold my entry into YTB and network marketing in such high regard. The reason is that it represents a massive decision, a change in my life's direction, where I realized that I did not need to be a slave to my job, that I really could work from home, and that financial freedom wasn't just a fairytale. It wasn’t enough that I realized these things, I believed it so deeply that in the depths of my soul I knew my future will be filled with fulfilling relationships with people from across the country, time to spend with family and friends, and financial freedom for myself and my family. Top that off with the fact that not only did I decide that these things were my goals, but I went so far as to take action steps to achieve those goals. I was no longer sitting on the sideline, I was in the game."


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