27 October 2007

Rhino Update from Jerry Clark

MLM Posts:
"Rhino Update: We’ve been receiving lots of e-mails explaining that many of you have not been receiving our e-mail communications with you. We have made some tweaks that we feel will allow the e-mail to get delivered more effectively to you. Here’s a quick update to catch you up. (And a cool bonus) 1. I know it’s short notice, but if you are anywhere near the Dallas Texas area, you will want to be at the event that I’m conducting with Master Trainers Jeff & Erica Combs. Jeff Combs is a dear friend of mine and is one of the top Network Marketing trainers in the World. You will get a chance to learn what has allowed him to go from a life of Mediocrity to a life of Mastery. Also, you will get a chance to learn from Erica Combs as well. Erica brings a fresh perspective on what it takes to move into your peace and power when it comes to prospecting and developing leaders. Since it’s a last minute notice, I’m giving you a chance to grab a ticket to this event for only $27 — the lowest you can find it anywhere… Go to www.clubrhino.com/tickets.html to get the registration and venue details."

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