27 October 2007

XanGo.TV Broadcasts the XanGo Lifestyle

"Global nutritionals leader XanGo, LLC today blazed another trail for consumer brands and direct selling with the launch of XanGo.TV, a brand-centric video sharing site broadcasting real-life stories, insights and experiences from millions of distributors and consumers worldwide. 'XanGo.TV is designed to achieve an elite level of brand intimacy. XanGo is a lifestyle brand. Our business is built on distributors and consumers sharing their personal experiences with XanGo and our nutritional products. XanGo.TV offers a visually captivating platform for those narratives and gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look into the company,' said XanGo Chief Marketing Officer John Digles. Hosting a library of videos and podcasts from XanGo's first five years, XanGo.TV chronicles the company's genesis as a category-creator to its advent as an evolving global billion-dollar brand. Episodes posted on the site come from XanGo's international markets, including the U.S., Canada, Germany and Japan."



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