27 October 2007

A New Direction for Quixtar Sales

Quixtar Ada-tudes:
"There has been a lot of talk about the transformation of the Quixtar business and I wanted to give you an update on the changes happening in the Quixtar Sales department. In an effort to build IBO partnerships and strengthen the Quixtar team environment, Quixtar Sales is currently undergoing a departmental reorganization to take on more of a consultant role with IBOs. Ideally, a consultant is a provider of valuable expertise, insight, and third-party perspective that you can't necessarily always get from your own inner circle. Obviously, we have expertise and insight into the Quixtar business that could benefit IBOs. As consultants, we will not only listen to IBO concerns, resolve problems, and manage relationships, we also will provide IBOs with more business data that will equip them to make better business decisions and maximize the results of their efforts. Our mission in Sales is to deliver data-driven insights and consultation that leads to responsible, measurable and sustainable growth."



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