28 October 2007

Britney Spears And MLM Newbies Have A Lot In Common

Oops I did it....I linked a post about Britney.

"Watching Britney Spears self destruct is eerily similar to how most MLM newbies ruin their shot at life changing success. I'm not listening to anybody.

If it wasn't so sad and totally unnecessary perhaps Britney Spears ruining her life in front of our very eyes would be comical. Comedian Dennis Miller refused to make light of the situation in a recent interview because it's so obvious that Britney doesn't have a clue.

I'm deeply saddened by MLM newbies all the time as they choose to fail because they won't listen to anybody, not even the people that want nothing but the best for them. We've seen hundreds, perhaps thousands of people come and go in MLM because they wouldn't even stop to consider the possibility that somebody could help them."


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