18 July 2006

Do It Better - repost

Here is a repost from an original article I wrote on my MLM Today blog a little over a year ago. I am motivated to post this item in light of the ongoing focus of the proposed Federal Trade Commission Business Opportunity Rule 511993.
Do it better

Anyone that has been in network marketing for any period of time knows the bad reputation the industry has earned. The common perception is that we are all promoting a illegal pyramid, no matter which company you happen to represent. There is a belief that we are practicing some "bait-and-switch" program.

Get used to it.

Unfortunately, the history of MLM is riddled with abuse. I am optimistic and believe there is a brighter future for the industry. I believe that networking can be promoted ethically, with fairness and honesty, and there does not have to be any victims. The trend of growth in Network Marketing continues to rise and there are many new opportunities for people to consider.

Where does this change come from?

It will come from you and I. The committed networker. The people that have been burned by unethical behavior in their previous experience are leading the charge. It may be incremental change but I am firmly convinced the change is coming. Is it hard? Ask Dave of OntheroadwithDave. He is one of many that have chosen to reject an indoctrinated system for an approach that is consistent with his personal values.

If we commit to do things better and doing things the right way, with integrity and honor for those we encounter in our travels, how could we possibly fail?


Anonymous Kris McCarty said...

Well put Dave. We who are commited in changing the perception of this industry will eventually prevail and the MLM industry will flourish. Keep up the good work.

Prosperous Regards,
Kris McCarty

7/20/2006 12:14:00 AM  

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