21 May 2006

Committed to results?

Idiscovered Bill Caskey while he hosted a Saturday morning radio show on an Indianapolis talk station. Through Bill's show, I was turned on to David Allen (Getting Things Done) and Larry Winget (Pit Bull of Personal Development). I count myself among the fortunate listeners that were able to receive a copy of his book, "Same Game, New Rules" as well as a couple of CD programs he made available.
Since then, Bill has moved into the area of blogging and podcasting. Here's a snip from his blog. Check out his podcast as well.

Bill Caskey -
If your results aren't where you think they could be, then maybe you aren't committed. (I ask myself that everyday since I believe that what shows up in our life is exactly what we are committed to). Dubner and Levitt will tell you that you haven't practiced enough, haven't worked hard enough, haven't set the right goals, haven't gotten enough coaching and feedback. Read more.


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