25 June 2006

Deliver The Message

ArticleWorld -
MLM - It's NOT About You
By Andre Best
You know if there's one thing that's become ever so clear to me it's what goes on inside a distributor while (s)he's working the business.

You see when someone's working their business, really working it, there are things going on inside the person that are totally dictated by what goes on outside of that person. And what I mean by outside is what kind of activity that distributor is creating in their prospecting world.

When a new distributor, or any distributor for that matter, is prospecting and going through leads or whatever other method they are doing, they inevitably have to talk to folks and determine if these people are really qualified prospects for their business. Read the entire article.

Andre Best has several websites ranging from sales and marketing to personal writings. His newest site at http://www.andrebest.com is a compilation of insights about life he has gathered throughout the years and believes will be worthwhile to share with others. Topics range from insights about material subjects all the way to spiritual topics of a more esoteric nature.


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