17 July 2006

Lost Art or Arrogance?

MLM Canada -
Customer Service
Treating a customer properly is more important than making that big sale. I believe that customer service should be the number one priority in any business including MLM. Let's face it, if a customer has a bad experience they may not come back to you and in turn you will lose any referrals from them. Here is something that bothers me and I hope you can relate: Have you ever walked into a store (any store) and the person behind the counter is on the phone and they know you walked in and continue their conversation (which is fine) BUT they don't look at you or even acknowledge to you that they will be with you in a moment. Continue reading ...

Good customer service can be elusive regardless of where you call home. Andrew Murphy, author of MLM Canada, has a great blog. Check it out, it is well worth the journey, eh.


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