25 September 2005

Network Marketing 101 - Systems

W hen I first started my career in Network Marketing, I was introduced to the concept of building my business "on system". In this context, what it meant was subscribing to a proprietary training and motivation program. This system was labeled as an educational system and often compared itself to a college education.

For some reading this, you probably groaned loudly when you read my headline. Now hold on a second before you assume or jump to conclusions. I am talking here about utilizing your company's system or if one is not in place, developing one.

Using a system process will accelerate the learning curve for your new partners in your enterprise. Using a system process will assist you in developing consistent habits for the most productive use of your time. Using a system process will aid in communicating the conceptual foundations for your business.

"... the bottom line is does your system produce results and are people
achieving success by using it."

Some organizations have developed a series of activities often referred to as a formula or steps. I have worked with an "eight-step pattern" and a "six-step process" and your company may have similar terminology. The significance of whatever process is being utilized is who is the focus and subject of the process. What ever verbiage is used to identify the process, the bottom line is does your system produce results and are people achieving success by using it.

If any part of the process includes enrolling or subscribing to the process, I would suggest that system may be based more on the movement of "educational materials" rather than primarily skills development or business support. Though I believe strongly in training and education and motivation, I do not support training that only produces perennial students. I personally believe that training programs and the business process should occupy different orbits and intersect very infrequently.

We should be seeking to receive training about how to guide a prospective business associate or customer through the information pipeline. There should be defined "checkpoints" that are used to determine level of interest and qualification. We should also be seeking to receive training of the technical issues related to the operation of our business.

The marketplace offers an ever-increasing resource of information and materials to help the ambitious networker. There is no excuse for anyone to claim that they did not receive the information they needed. If your company does not offer training, it is your responsibility to seek it out if you are serious about your career. If your company DOES have a training program in place, are you utilizing it? Most importantly, are you taking action upon the things that you are learning and making things happen for yourself?

The best system in the world will not replace the necessity of YOU needing to do the work.



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