21 October 2008

XanGo Preps Skin Care Launch

Inside Cosmeceuticals
XanGo LLC will officially launch its new brand, Glimpse™ Intuitive Skin Care, to the U.S. and Canadian markets during its sixth annual convention in early November. The personal care line was created using “green” chemistry to deliver mangosteen’s health benefits in a topical form to nourish the skin. XanGo is using a proprietary ingredient formula called BioActive X3 Complex™ in its skin nutrition system to deliver xanthones and other phytonutrients from the mangosteen.

“We are conscious both of the fact that you are what you absorb and what we put into the environment eventually returns to our bloodstream,” said Beverly Hollister, senior vice president. “XanGo has used clean ingredients in Glimpse that do not mutate or harm any organisms downstream, protecting the environment we all live in.” Hollister also noted the company signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, pledging that all the products in Glimpse meet established European Union formulation standards and are free of chemicals known or strongly suspected of causing cancer, mutation or birth defects.



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