08 October 2008

Lifemax and Its Founders Jim and Sherri Wear Announce Exclusive Agreement With Salvia Hispanica L. Pioneer

Lifemax and its founders, Jim and Sherri Wear, are proud to announce their exclusive agreement with Wayne Coates, Ph.D., a pioneer in the rediscovery of Salvia hispanica L. and one of the foremost experts in growing and harvesting the seed.

Coates will serve as chairman of research and development on the board of directors for Lifemax. He will work exclusively with Lifemax to perfect and produce the very best Salvia hispanica L. seed available.

"Lifemax's product is the very best version of Salvia hispanica L. in the world today," says Coates, the leading expert on the seed. "This is primarily due to its complete and fully-integrated matrix of highly bio-available all natural nutrients."



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