22 August 2008

SimplyFun Offers Opportunity for Parents to Stay Home in Tough Economic Times

Between escalating gas prices and continued cost increases with groceries, the current position of the economy has left many stay-at-home parents facing the issue of having to go back to work. However, the direct selling industry offers an opportunity for parents to go back to work, while staying at home.
According to Chief Funster and co-founder of SimplyFun, Gail DeGiulio, direct selling companies, like SimplyFun, allow parents to make their own hours, have unlimited earning potential and, most importantly, work from home.
Today, there are some 61 million direct sellers in more than 170 countries in the world, with sales of more than $111 billion, according to a recent report by the Direct Selling Association. Under preliminary figures from the Association's annual Growth and Outlook Survey, 15 million people worked as direct sellers in the United States last year.
DeGiulio attributes some of that growth to the advantages direct selling holds for stay-at-home parents.



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