19 August 2008

Announcing Launch of Revolutionary Network Marketing Free Lead Generation Tool

A new free lead generation system designed exclusively for struggling network marketers is released August 18th -- the Viral Prospector System. Designed to assist all network marketers make money online and generate residual income using free marketing strategies and generating quality leads for free.

The Viral Prospector system reveals the secrets of internet and online marketing. The comprehensive Marketing training center and back office provides step by step video tutorials to leverage the network marketers time.

The Viral Prospector system trains the marketer on cutting edge internet marketing strategies, lying to rest old time traditional and now ineffective mlm marketing methods such as the "3 foot rule."

The Viral Prospector specifically addresses the biggest problem that most network marketing professionals face in their internet business which is the inability to generate enough good quality prospects to their products or services. The second problem the Viral Prospector address is the issue of team duplication. The Viral Prospector system is designed to teach each new member the specific marketing strategies that will create, for the user, a strong internet presence. By following the step by step video tutorials, and applying these strategies team duplication rates will dramatically increase. This duplication of lead generation is the foundation of online profits and residual income.



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